Who Needs Bathroom Safety Equipment?

The benefits of bathroom safety equipment apply to a large group of individuals with limited mobility. These may include arthritis patients, wheelchair users or older adults who struggle to stand on their own. If you need some assistance, keep reading to learn about grab bars and other examples of bathroom safety equipment that would be a good fit for your Binghamton, NY home.

Arthritis patients

Homeowners in Binghamton, NY should install bathroom safety equipment if a family member lives with arthritis. Traditional toilet seats require legs to bend at a 90-degree angle, which can be an uncomfortable position for those who have arthritis in their knees. Assist your loved one by installing a raised toilet seat with padding so they don’t have to bend down as much.

Individuals with arthritis would greatly appreciate the benefits of additional bathroom safety equipment, like a walk-in tub. Arthritis makes it difficult to step over tub walls and greatly increases the risk of tripping. Eliminate this unnecessary obstacle with an entry point that’s only a few inches high. If you want to completely optimize your bathroom, purchase a walk-in tub with a watertight door and raised seat.

Individuals with poor balance

The benefits of bathroom safety equipment greatly outweigh their cost, because they can save a loved one from serious injury. Bathroom-related incidents are far too common among older adults, namely those who suffer from poor balance. Grab bars are the best example of bathroom safety equipment that’s a must-have in every older adult’s home.

The most important locations for grab bars are next to the toilet and inside showers. Purchase ones with rubber grips and make sure they’re easily accessible—otherwise, the bars can’t serve their intended purpose. A mobility specialist from Penn York Medical can make helpful suggestions about the height, placement and orientation of grab bars.

Wheelchair users

Wheelchair users will need a contractor to make some modifications when they move into a new house. Chances are, the shower uses a tub as its base and has an entrance that’s too small. Neither of these features is suitable for wheelchair accessibility. Ask your contractor in Binghamton, NY to remove the tub and extend the shower stall so it’s wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and motorized forms of transportation.

To accompany your new renovations, you’ll need to install some bathroom safety equipment. Shower chairs are a great example of bathroom safety equipment that offers tremendous help to individuals who live in wheelchairs. Penn York Medical has many different styles to choose from, so you can pick out what’s best for you. If you want to keep the tub, a transfer bench helps you get over the tub wall while sitting down.

Safety equipment only works if you purchase it from a reliable company. Grab bars and shower chairs won’t protect you or a loved one if they’re constructed with cheap materials. That’s why the mobility specialists at Penn York Medical collaborate with top manufacturers to bring you industry-leading quality. Browse our selection of bathroom and shower products to learn how we can serve you.