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What Is CareCredit?

Are you asking, “What is CareCredit?” CareCredit is not your average credit card. It offers financing on wellness, beauty, and health-related treatments and other procedures that your insurance may not cover. If you have these expenses, CareCredit offers financing with periods of 0% interest. While it may sound appealing, be sure that you read the fine […]

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CareCredit 101: Everything You Need to Know

Few things are as frustrating as navigating through the health insurance world—and unless you do your research and pick the right healthcare plan, you could end up paying out of pocket for a large portion of your medical bills. Because many people who need medical care don’t have the financial means to pay their bills […]

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The Benefits of Using CareCredit

Medical costs are skyrocketing these days, especially when you need home medical equipment. Even with great insurance, your out-of-pocket costs can decimate your savings. You might not have enough money coming in from disability benefits, Social Security or workers’ compensation, either—which is why CareCredit can be a lifesaver in Binghamton, NY. Read on to learn […]

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