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Determining Patient Mobility Needs

Mobility is likely to decline as we age and as we deal with potential injuries. For those living at home but with mobility issues, it is always a good idea to determine the overall mobility needs and how they can be met. Patient mobility needs assessment is a great tool that can help you determine […]

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How To Choose The Right Mobility Aid For Your Loved One

Growing old comes with some difficulties and has the good side of enjoying all the years from birth to old age. One of the common challenges faced by the elderly is mobility. As you get older, your muscle mass decreases as well, causing problems with joints. This may result in difficulty walking, whereby you may […]

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What to Expect During Your Mobility Assessment

Getting a wheelchair or mobility scooter is a major moment in a person’s life, and one that can’t be entered into lightly. Because getting a wheelchair is so impactful, the process needs to start with a wheelchair assessment. Continue reading to learn what happens in a wheelchair assessment and to see what questions your evaluator […]

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