What to Expect During Your Mobility Assessment

Getting a wheelchair or mobility scooter is a major moment in a person’s life, and one that can’t be entered into lightly. Because getting a wheelchair is so impactful, the process needs to start with a wheelchair assessment. Continue reading to learn what happens in a wheelchair assessment and to see what questions your evaluator will ask.

What happens in a wheelchair assessment?

During your wheelchair assessment, a medical professional will evaluate which type of mobility device will be best suited to meeting your functional needs. After you’re finished answering a variety of questions, you’ll most likely move on to the next step: choosing your device.

Wheelchair assessments are mostly necessary for the insurance company paying for the device. After all, if we know anything about insurance companies, it’s that they don’t like paying for anything they don’t absolutely have to.

How long does a wheelchair evaluation take?

We know you’re busy, which is why we try to make our wheelchair assessments as efficient as possible. You can generally expect the entire assessment to take about two hours, but you can help speed the process up by coming prepared with answers to all of the following questions.

What is your current mobility status?

One of the first questions your evaluator will ask pertains to your current mobility status. Are you able to get around at all? Can you only walk short distances at a time? Does it hurt to walk? Knowing the answers to these questions will help ensure you get the right device.

This may also include a physical exam of your posture to see if your body has any underlying issues that a mobility device may be able to address. The more information your evaluator has about you, the better.

What are your mobility goals?

Mobility goals vary from person to person. One individual might need a device to get around the house, while another wants the ability to meet up with friends for breakfast each morning. Depending on your goals, your evaluator may also recommend purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle or even installing a wheelchair ramp at your home.

What type of environment do you live in?

Do you live in a single-story home, or will you need to navigate stairs once you’re inside? Do you have a smooth or rough driveway? Are there any challenging hills near your home? Your evaluator will need the answers to these questions, along with some information about your doorway width.

Like the mobility goals question, you may need to consider installing a wheelchair ramp or lift based on your answers to this question. Thankfully, the team at Penn York Medical is here to help.

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