How to Make a Vehicle Handicap Accessible

The cost to make a vehicle handicap accessible can get expensive, so it’s best to look through all the available options before settling on a mobility device or conversion vehicle. Your BraunAbility dealer in Binghamton, NY offers the most popular devices that make vehicles handicap accessible. Keep reading for a quick rundown of what’s in store for you.

Side-entry ramp

A common gadget in handicap-accessible vehicles is the side-entry ramp. This allows the passenger to smoothly transition into the vehicle and remain in their wheelchair during the commute. Families can transform their vans by removing one of the back seats and installing the ramp.

They can also choose between a foldout or in-floor ramp. In-floor ramps have a more sleek appearance and can be tucked underneath the vehicle’s cabin. However, the installation requires more materials than a foldout ramp, and more manual labor. The cost is lower to make a vehicle handicap accessible with a foldout ramp because you won’t have to remove the flooring. Penn York Medical is one of the leading providers of side-entry ramps in Binghamton, NY and will help you make an informed decision.

Wheelchair lift or carrier

Transform your van into a handicap-accessible vehicle by installing a wheelchair lift. With the press of a button, this device hauls your wheelchair into the cargo area of your van and securely fastens it into place. Wheelchair lifts are one of the most preferred options among users because the cost to make a vehicle handicap accessible is often less than purchasing a brand-new conversion vehicle.

If your car is too small to house a lift, you can hook up a wheelchair carrier instead. They require the least amount of installation and tow wheelchairs behind your vehicle. Some carrier styles even sit on the roof of your vehicle. Simply press a button to activate the carrier and let it do all the work for you. The mobility specialists at Penn York Medical can recommend the right wheelchair lift or carrier based on your vehicle’s make and model.

Conversion vehicle

Some cars simply aren’t ideal for handicapped individuals. The mobility devices you need in order to operate a vehicle might not be compatible with your existing car. That’s why the mobility specialists at Penn York Medical recommend visiting your local BraunAbility dealer in Binghamton, NY. They sell vans that come fully equipped with all the mobility devices you’ll ever need.

Handicapped individuals who make the switch over to a conversion vehicle will enjoy a full range of devices, including the ever-popular BraunAbility dealer vehicle lift. The nationwide dealership even lets you pick out the make and model of the car and customize it with your preferred handicap features.

Wheelchair users need vehicles that function in a way that’s best for their lifestyles. It should take you wherever you need to go, not be a hindrance. The mobility specialists at Penn York Medical have served handicapped individuals for many years and offer all the mobility products you could ask for. Reach out to us today to learn more.