The Value of Stair Lifts & Lift Chairs

Everyone experiences physical limitations as they age. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it absolutely shouldn’t be a reason to forgo researching options to ease movement and mobility.  While quite a few of our customers are initially reticent to visit our showroom in Binghampton, NY, they’re amazed to learn the benefits of a stair lift and lift chair.

Understanding Stair Lifts and Lift Chairs

If you or someone you love have never needed one, you probably aren’t familiar with stair lifts and lift chairs. Most people who visit our showroom have little to no knowledge about these incredible pieces of medical equipment. Often, we’ll recommend a product and the person will ask, “what is a stair lift??

A stair lift provides you with a safe, comfortable way to navigate between the various floors of your home. For as little as $2,000, you can have a stair lift professionally installed in your house.

But what is a lift chair? This attractive piece of furniture doubles as medical equipment. You can sit upright or adjust to a fully reclined position with a motorized lift chair. Other features include heated surfaces and massage functions. For starting at $695, you can watch your favorite television programs, read your favorite books or kick up your feet and relax with the utmost ease and comfort.

Why Invest in a Stair Lift or Lift Chair?

It’s not getting any easier to get around these days. Rather than overexerting yourself on mundane tasks, save your body’s wellbeing for the events that matter, like spending time with your family or enjoying a get-together with friends.

  • Improved Safety: Walking up and down stairs poses a threat to people with limited mobility. The same is true for those who struggle with moving from a seated to standing position. A person could seriously hurt him/herself by doing either of these things. With a stair lift and lift chair, you eliminate the opportunities to hurt yourself.
  • Remain Active: With the assistance of in-home medical equipment, it’s much easier to remain active. Clean your home while moving up and down stairs unencumbered. Enjoy a long conversation with your grandkids from the comfort of your lift chair. Life doesn’t have to stop because you need help moving around.
  • More Independence: These life-changing pieces of medical equipment decrease a person’s dependence on others for help with simple tasks, like going up and down stairs or getting out of a chair. With the assistance of these devices, many find they don’t need to hassle with moving into an assisted living facility until much later in life.

You don’t have to struggle with mobility, accessibility or comfort. Instead, visit our showroom in Binghampton, NY to see for yourself the benefits of a stair lift and lift chair. Our sales staff happily demonstrates the functionality of any product we sell. You can also depend on us to provide affordable solutions that improve your overall quality of life.

Take control of your mobility at home! Contact us today to learn more about stair lifts, lift chairs and other helpful pieces of medical equipment.