Mobility Scooter and Power Chair Battery Care

Many people rely on mobility scooters and power chairs to go about their daily routines. With winter rapidly approaching in Binghampton, NY, though, there’s special precautions users must take for good mobility scooters and power chairs and battery care.

This is particularly true for people who don’t use their scooters or power chairs during the winter months. At Penn York Medical, we’re happy to provide our customers with information and tips they need to maintain their mobility devices throughout the year.

The Importance of Battery Care

When purchasing a new mobility device, customers regularly ask our sales staff how to care for a power scooter battery. There’s nothing quite as aggravating as having a full day of plans that you have to reschedule because the battery in your scooter or chair doesn’t hold a charge. To avoid this happening to you, take proactive steps to maintain the battery’s integrity.

Failing to care for the battery means you’ll have to replace it. Replacing a battery can be a costly, unexpected expense that no one wants to pay. Instead of dealing with that hassle, take care of your battery, so it works when needed.

Regulating the Power Supply During the Winter

Slippery, icy conditions in Binghampton, NY aren’t ideal for mobility scooters and power chairs. That’s why so many people decide to forgo these devices during the winter. One way you can perform battery care in the winter for mobility scooters and power chairs is by regulating the power supply. This means operating the scooter or chair once a day or as often as possible to extend the battery’s lifespan.

Others might find it more convenient to set a reminder for themselves to charge the battery at least once a month when the scooter or chair isn’t in regular use. You want to avoid the battery becoming deeply discharged, which usually renders the power source useless.

How to Care for the Battery in Your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair

  • Charge the Battery: You should charge the battery for at least eight hours every day, even if you didn’t use your scooter or chair. Don’t let the battery sit charging for more than 24 hours, though. Remove the charging cable from the power outlet once charging is complete.
  • Proper Storage: Store your scooter’s or power chair’s battery somewhere dry with minimal temperature fluctuations. You want to avoid temperature extremes, such as high heat or freezing conditions.
  • Clean the Battery: Grime and condensation build-up on the battery over time. While you don’t need to clean the battery every day, you want to make it a part of your weekly chores. Regularly wiping down the battery and checking the terminals for proper lubrication extends its life considerably.

With more than 60 years of experience with mobility devices, we understand everything about scooters and power chairs and battery care in Binghampton, NY. If you’re having issues with your mobility scooter or power chair, get in touch with us to schedule a service appointment. Trust our decades of hands-on training to make sure your mobility method performs as needed for you. Contact us today for more information.