The Benefits of a Walk In Bathtub

Are you looking for safe bathtub alternatives? Maybe you should consider a walk-in bathtub. There are many benefits of a walk-in bathtub for many people to take advantage of. Walk-in bathtubs have seats that are already built-in in the tub with a door that can swing for easy access.

Walk-In Bathtub Benefits

Whether you want to call them bathtubs for old people or maybe people that have some physical disabilities, walk-in bathtubs bring many benefits.

Perfect for Minimal Mobility

If you have extremely limited mobility, walk-in bathtubs are perfect for you. That is because they are easily accessible, and don’t require you to hop over to get inside. Instead, you can walk in and sit down on the provided seat. Many people use scooters and wheelchairs inside their homes, so a walk-in bathtub can literally be a lifesaver.

Operate as Showers

Walk-in bathtubs are not just for sit-down baths. You can use them as a shower as well if you prefer to stand up. You can use them as you wish. For example, maybe you prefer to use it as a shower one day, and a soaking tub the next. Extendable showerheads are available to allow you to stand up or sit down and shower.

Prevents Falls

Many older adults are at an increased risk of falling. Many of these falls happen in the bathroom. But, these falls can be greatly reduced with the help of a walk-in tub.

Perfect for Arthritis and Partial Paralysis

Walk-in bathtubs are also perfect for hydrotherapy. These tubs can be great for those with arthritis, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, and even partial paralysis. That is because the warm water from the tub can help reduce tense muscles and help with the flow of endorphins.

Good Hygiene

It can be hard for disabled or elderly individuals to properly bathe themselves. Having irritated skin and open wounds means that proper hygiene is essential. That is why walk-in bathtubs have certain models to make bathing in certain areas a little bit easier, especially those areas that are difficult to reach. This can help individuals stay on top of good hygiene practices.

Excellent Investment

Overall, investing in a walk-in bathtub means an excellent change to your life. It can ease stress and anxiety by giving you peace of mind. But, not only will it provide you with peace of mind, but it will also take some stress off your loved one’s shoulders. Additionally, walk-in bathtubs can give you your independence back and help enhance your quality of life.