Finding Medical Equipment and Supplies for Your Senior Loved One

While Medicare has tried to make health care affordable for senior Americans, there is still a lot that it does not cover, including medical equipment. And if you have a senior in your home needing this equipment, you have no other option but to get it. Most of the time, no one plans for this. It will happen at a moment’s notice when you start rushing to the nearest and most affordable place you can find the equipment. Finding the right medical equipment for your senior loved one does not have to be difficult. So, where do I find medical equipment and supplies? Here are some tips to help.

Talk to a Healthcare Provider

The easiest way to get senior adults the equipment they need is by talking to their doctor and getting a prescription. Under Medicare part B, medically necessary equipment is covered as long as the doctor has prescribed it for use. This includes crutches, canes, patient lifts, walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, CPAP devices and blood sugar monitors.

Buy Refurbished Equipment

There are places like Goodwill where you can find gently used medical equipment. This can be a huge financial relief for those in need. The items will be sanitized and refurbished to meet safety requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, before dropping by, call first to know whether the equipment you want is available.

Explore Local Resources

Research whether your community has any local resources to help seniors get medical equipment easily. Some towns, for instance, have a medical lending closet where a senior can loan a piece of equipment temporarily. You can also check whether the hospital your senior is receiving care from can connect you to such services. It is also a good idea to reach out to close friends and relatives that have been caregivers before and check whether they can loan you their equipment. And even if they do not have the equipment currently, they can guide you on where to locate senior medical equipment.

Looking for Medical Equipment Online

The internet has made everything accessible. Research different vendors online and see who has the best price and a good reputation for quality equipment. Be careful, too, as some retailers will say their equipment is on sale, only for you to find you are paying more than if you had bought from another vendor.

Check State Assistance Programs

Some states have assistance programs that provide loans for medical equipment. These programs are run by non-profit foundations and organizations. Some programs target specific conditions, while others cover all conditions. While most of these non-profits require you to be a participant to benefit, if you meet with the managers, they can help you get low-cost refurbished equipment for your loved one.

At Penn York Medical, we understand how frustrating it can get when you are trying to get medical equipment for your loved one, but your efforts keep hitting the wall. That is why we supply medical equipment at affordable prices. We have a wide range of products, including scooters, hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers and stairway lifts. Give us a call today, and we will find you an affordable solution.