What Vehicles Are Best Suited for Handicap Accessibility?

If you’re in need of a handicap accessible vehicle in Binghamton, NY, there are a variety of options available on the market, including SUVs, vans, trucks and even some sedans. Some specialized vehicles might come with standard accessibility features, but it’s more common to install any accessibility adaptations and modifications after the fact.

Some of the most common types of adaptations made to vehicles include lifts, ramps, wheelchair restraints, bubble tops, left foot accelerators, automatic locks and windows, pedal extenders and lowered floors/raised roofs.

Searching for wheelchair accessible vehicles

One of the most important considerations in your vehicle search will be whether a particular vehicle is or can be made wheelchair accessible. In some cases, you might even be able to convert a car you already have to fit your accessibility needs, which can save you quite a bit of money.

Here’s a checklist of handicap accessible vehicle options in Binghamton, NY to get you started in your search:

  • Wheelchair vans: This is the most popular type of vehicle used by wheelchair users, and can include standard minivans or rear-entry options. Vans are designed with spacious interiors already, which makes them much easier to modify for wheelchair users than smaller, more compact types of vehicles. They also have numerous built-in safety features, which, beyond their seating capacity, is one of the reasons why they’re so popular for families. With enough space, vans allow wheelchair users to move around independently in the cabin to reposition themselves as needed.
  • Wheelchair accessible SUVs: A full van might not fit your preferences or needs, but you can easily find wheelchair accessible SUVs, or modify existing SUVs to make them accessible. Examples of wheelchair accessible SUVs that are popular on the market include the VMI Honda Pilot and the BraunAbility Chevy Traverse. Both are ideal options for people looking for mid-sized vehicles that will be suitable both for extended travel and for everyday activities. If you’re looking to go more compact, the Kia Soul is an example of an SUV that can be equipped with all the accessible features you need.
  • Wheelchair accessible trucks: Accessibility needs don’t have to be a big limiting factor in your ability to get a truck! There are a variety of platform lifts and wheelchair lifts you can install to make it easier to enter pickups and other types of trucks. You can find accessible Suburbans, Dodge Rams, GMC Sierras and more, and enjoy the full range of capabilities they have to offer.

Anytime you’re in the market for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle or are interested in modifying a vehicle you already have, it’s a good idea to work with a mobility specialist who can recommend the best options for your needs and preferences. To learn more about handicap accessibility and vehicles and what you’ll need to budget for a handicap accessible vehicle in Binghamton, NY, we encourage you to contact Penn York Medical. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have for our team of trusted specialists!