Should You Buy a Walker with or Without Wheels?

Over the years, the features of walkers in Binghamton, NY have changed. Walkers have evolved to become safer, stronger and more convenient. Today, one of the main optional features of walkers is wheels. To determine whether you should buy a walker with or without wheels, it’s important to consider several factors, including the benefits of walkers with wheels. Here’s what you need to know.

The benefits of walkers with wheels in Binghamton, NY

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest advantages of choosing a walker with wheels:

  • No lifting required: A walker without wheels requires the user to lift the walker off the ground, place it ahead of themselves, then take a step. For many people who need mobility assistance, this motion is difficult or impossible. They may not have the strength or stability to complete the required lift. However, a walker with wheels does not require this lifting action.
  • Good for uneven terrain: A walker without wheels can be challenging to use on uneven surfaces. The motion of lifting, moving and placing the walker back down on the ground can be difficult in these settings. The walker may get snagged on cracks and bumps. Because of this, walkers without wheels are typically intended for indoor use. However, uneven, outdoor terrain is more navigable when using a walker with wheels.
  • Allows better maneuverability: Getting around tight corners can be difficult when using a walker without wheels. However, one of the benefits of walkers with wheels in Binghamton, NY is increased maneuverability. This is particularly true for three-wheeled walkers. This smaller, more compact design can make tight turns to allow the person to navigate narrow spaces more easily.
  • Built-in seat: One of the common features of walkers in Binghamton, NY that have wheels is a built-in seat. This can provide a great option for those who need to rest frequently. The walker provides assistance with traveling, and then provides a place to sit when you get to your destination or anywhere along the way when you need a convenient place to rest.

The disadvantages of walkers with wheels in Binghamton, NY

While there are many benefits of walkers with wheels, there are some drawbacks as well:

  • Not weight-bearing: Walkers with wheels are intended to provide assistance for those who struggle with balance issues. However, for those who need a device that will also bear their weight, a wheeled walker is not a good choice. This style of walker is not intended to bear weight, so leaning on it can cause the walker to roll out from beneath the person.
  • Heavy load: While a walker with wheels is easy to use, it can be more difficult to transport than a walker without wheels. If you must load the walker into a vehicle or otherwise lift the walker to transport it, the walker may be too heavy for you.

The best solution for your needs

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