How Mobility products can Change Your Life

The seniors of today have never been more on the go. From postponing retirement to use their lifelong wisdom to contribute to the work world to participating in sports, people reaching their golden years lead much more active lives than their parents ever did. Given the new trends, the aging baby boomers and incredible gains in medicine and life expectancy, mobility aides are playing a greater role in the everyday lives of the aging. Below we’ll review how individual mobility aides can assist you or your loved one in every day activities and recent advancements in the technology.


Nearly 2 million Americans rely on walkers to fulfill their mobility needs. Walkers have been in existence for nearly 200 years and over that span have had many adaptations and advancements. Originally walkers were intended to be temporary aides for the aging and handicap but as their usage grew so did their modifications. Today you can find walkers with specialty features such as seats, wheels, brakes with various upgrades including detachable baskets, trays, and bags.


Canes, like walkers, have had many of their own advancements over the years. Canes evolved from single point canes to quad point canes which are becoming ever popular with the aging. Quad canes allow those with muscle weakness, balance issues (from stroke or brain injury), can greatly benefit from the added support of a quad cane. Another key advancement in recent years is the manufacturing of canes using lighter metals such as carbon fiber rather than the heavy traditional metals such as aluminum and steel.


When mobility becomes too difficult for the use of a cane or walker, many times a wheel chair can be a great, and safe, alternative. When you hear the word “wheelchair” you may think of bulkiness and limited mobility but with new laws and new technology those in wheel chairs have never had greater freedom. Today there are motorized wheelchairs, slim models great for narrow hallways, balancing wheel chairs that stand upright on two wheels and much more. It’s highly recommended that you visit the showroom of your local mobility needs provider and test out all their models before making a decision on a wheel chair.


Also known as three wheeled mobility systems, scooters have become increasingly popular among the aging. Scooters are idea for those that are able to walk short distances but get weak or winded during longer jaunts. The scooters of today are far different than the scooters of yesteryear. Today’s electronic scooters have batteries with recharge speeds that are 10x faster from even 3 years ago and achieve speeds of up to 4 miles per hour to get you where you need to go fast. If you’re a senior that travels often in a vehicle then there’s a tremendous amount of options available to cart your scooter around in your vehicle.

Important Considerations

Regardless of what mobility products you’re considering to advance your lifestyle and your freedom, be sure to visit your local showroom to talk to professionals. They’ll bring up helpful considerations that you may not have thought of and allow you to test out various mobility products to find the perfect fit to give you the same quality of life you experienced in your younger years.