How And When To Maintain Your Stairlift

How And When To Maintain Your Stairlift

Whether your stairlift is brand new or you’ve had it for a while, you’ll need to maintain it regularly in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. There are a number of simple maintenance tasks that you can do to help your stairlift stay in top condition!

Cleaning Your Stairlift

Stairlifts are an important piece of equipment for older people who have trouble using stairs. It allows them to stay in their homes with a level of independence, but it needs to be maintained in order for it to work properly. You should have your stairlift checked out at least yearly to ensure that it is in working order. This is especially important if your stairlift has been in operation for a long time or if it’s used by multiple people. Keeping your stair lift clean is also an essential part of maintenance. Regular cleaning helps remove dust and dirt that can clog circuits and gears, making it harder to operate the stairlift smoothly. Typically, it’s best to wipe down the stairlift with a damp cloth soaked in detergent solution. This will keep your stairlift cleaner and extend its life.


Your staircase rails are another area that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. They collect dirt and dust from all the people walking up and down the stairs, and this can cause serious damage if left unchecked. This dirt is also compacted and can cause the rollers in your stairlift to wear down faster than normal, which can lead to a failure or malfunction of the entire stairlift. It’s recommended that you clean your rails on a weekly basis with a damp cloth or duster to keep them in great shape. This will keep them looking sparkling clean and will make them easier to maneuver if you have trouble getting up and down the stairs.

Regular Checks

There are several ways to ensure your stair lift is working properly and keeping you safe when riding up or down the stairs. One of the best things you can do is regularly check your seat and track to make sure everything is functioning properly. Many stair lifts use an automatic locking mechanism to keep the seat in its correct position while you are using the chair. If the chair is not in the right position, your stair lift will alert you to this issue by beeping or flashing red lights. Some stairlifts come with diagnostic displays to help you find out what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. These displays are easy to access and can be found on the underside of your stair lift.


One of the most important components of a stairlift is its battery. The batteries in a straight or curved stairlift are charged by the main power supply and should last around three years before they need replacing. Batteries should be checked regularly by a mobility aid technician to ensure they remain in good working order. These technicians know how to check for issues with the power supply, contacts, wiring, circuit boards and motors that could lead to a faulty battery. Keeping the batteries in your stairlift fully charged is also essential to make sure it’s ready to move when you need it most. This means never switching it off or leaving it uncharged for long periods of time.