How To Know What Wheelchair Is Right for You

Picking a wheelchair doesn’t have to be complicated. There are various wheelchairs, including powered wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, and many others. Technology has improved dramatically over the past years, positively impacting how wheelchairs are made today. This means that you now have even more options to choose from.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair

Depending on your needs, there are different types of wheelchairs to choose from. There are also many things to consider to help you choose the right wheelchair.

For example, do you want an electric wheelchair or a manual one? If you are unable to really move around, maybe an electric wheelchair is probably the best option for you.

Also, you should consider how big the wheelchair is. If your chair is too big, it can be just as uncomfortable as if the chair is too small. Selecting the most appropriate size depends on your weight, size, and other factors.

Are you looking for the ability to keep your wheelchair easily stored? Maybe you want a wheelchair that can easily be taken with you everywhere you go. The easiest type of wheelchair that can be stored and transported without any issues is the manual wheelchair.

Finally, you always want to think about what you prefer. It should be one that you love the most but also meets your needs.

Types of Wheelchairs

Here are several wheelchairs that you can select from:

  • Manual/standard wheelchairs – This is the most basic type of wheelchair out there. They require someone to either push you or for you to use the wheels to push yourself. Some standard wheelchairs are heavier than others.
  • Powered wheelchairs – These wheelchairs are also electric and give the person using them the ability to get around easily. Electric or powered wheelchairs benefit those with special needs and disabilities more.
  • Pediatric wheelchairs – These are wheelchairs that are created for kids. They are similar to adult wheelchairs, but not as big. Pediatric wheelchairs are great for kids needing extra help getting around and are a good way to help increase a child’s self-confidence.
  • Positioning wheelchairs – For those suffering from heart or circulation issues, positioning wheelchairs gives you the ability to readjust in the most appropriate position without you having to do much work. Maybe you are prone to ulcers or pressure sores after sitting in one position all day long. This wheelchair allows you to tilt, recline, and even elevate to provide you with the relief you need.
  • Sports wheelchairs – These are designed especially for athletes that require wheelchairs. They include particular features depending on the sport the individual is playing.
  • Mobility scooters – These wheelchairs operate similarly to a cart and are also known as electric scooters. The seats on these wheelchairs move easily and feature various controls for the user. Additionally, they can be taken apart to fit right into any car.