Tips for Choosing and Using Walkers

Walkers are frames meant to provide the elderly, persons with disability, and those recovering from surgery the additional support they need to walk without falling. Traditionally, walkers are made using lightweight metal like aluminum and adjustable to accommodate various heights users. Additionally, they are usually foldable for easy storage.

If you need a walker, choosing the right walker for you will significantly contribute to the comfort you experience while using it. 

What Types of Walkers Are There? 

There are several types of walkers that you can go for, with the two primary ones being standard and two-wheel walkers. Other are three-wheel walkers, four-wheel walkers, and knee walkers. 

  • Standard walkers: These are the most basic walkers on the market and have to be lifted continuously by the user as they move. It’s best for use for short distances or where stability is the priority. People with a tendency to fall forward will find these walkers very useful. 
  • Two-wheel walkers: These have casters on the two front legs; thus, the user doesn’t have to lift them as they walk. This allows them to place their weight on the walker as they move. The two rear legs have rubber tips that are used as brakes.
  • Three-wheel walkers: These walkers are more maneuverable thanks to their three legs and three wheels. They also feature some storage space and handles with brakes. It’s suitable for a user who wants to move around a lot and has adequate balance on their own. 
  • Four-wheel walkers: These have four legs and four wheels and handles with brakes. They have much larger storage space and an in-built seat. There highly maneuverable and suitable for persons who don’t have to rely on the walkers for balance. 
  • Knew walkers: These walkers are similar to foot-propelled scooters, except they have a platform for resting the knee. They typically have four wheels, handles with one or two brakes, and can be fitted with storage space. 

What Type of Walker Is Best for Me? 

The type of walker that best suits you depends on your specific situation. A knee walker would suit you if you are recovering from a knee injury or surgery but have perfect balance and your arms and other legs are fine. On the other hand, a three-wheel walker or a four-wheel walker will be the best choice for you if you are elderly and need to move around with some support, but your balance is okay. A standard walker and two-wheel walker are suitable for those who require extra stability and support and persons dealing with general body weakness due to an ailment or injury.

Do You Need Walkers in New York?

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