5 Benefits of Having a Stairlift in Your Home

Stairlifts are some of the most common pieces of equipment we sell and install at Penn York Medical. As home medical supply experts, this post will cover common questions about what a chairlift used is for and whether or not they’re good to have in a home.

What is a chairlift used for?

A stairlift or chairlift is a device used to transport someone up the stairs. They consist of a seat and a rail attached to a staircase and are propelled by an electric motor. After sitting in the chair and securing the seatbelt, someone can easily move up and down the stairs without picking up their feet and worrying about navigating the stairs.

Are stairlifts good to have in your home?

Whether you only need to go up a few stairs or an entire flight, stairlifts are essential pieces of equipment to have in the home. If you have an older family member or live with someone with limited mobility, here are a few reasons to install a stairlift:

  • Prevents injuries: The top reason to install a stairlift is to avoid injuries caused by slips and falls down the stairs. Just a small misstep on a stair can lead to a nasty spill, resulting in broken bones or a head injury. Even if there are only a few steps in the house, a stairlift is a great investment.
  • Restores independence: Navigating up and down the stairs is difficult (if not impossible) for those with limited mobility, which means they need the help of a family member to get up and down the stairs. If you’re living with limited mobility, a stairlift can help restore your independence and reduce your reliance on family members.
  • No need to relocate: The worst-case scenario for someone with limited mobility is having to move out of their house because they can no longer go up and down the stairs. Stairlifts solve that issue by essentially making a house step-free.
  • Short-term injury solution: Although we usually install stairlifts for elderly individuals or those with a disability, stairlifts are fantastic short-term solutions for anyone with a mobility-limiting injury. Simply put, anyone can benefit from having a stairlift in their house.
  • Comfortable ride: With a padded back, seat and armrests, sitting in a chairlift is just about as comfortable as it gets. As long as you hire a reputable professional to install your stairlift, you can trust that the ride will be as smooth as possible.

Get your stairlift from Penn York Medical

If you or a loved one need a stairlift, be sure to hire our pros at Penn York Medical to install it for you. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing your new stairlift will function as intended and last for years without failing. Reach out to us today to get a quote for installation or to learn more about why stairlifts are good to have in your home. We look forward to assisting you soon!