The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Stairlifts

People who develop mobility problems with age often consider moving out of their home to an assisted living facility or a home without stairs to worry about. However, if you are intent on aging in place and remaining in your home, you can install stairlifts to help you overcome your mobility limitations.

You can find stairlifts in a variety of formats: curved lifts for stairways with curves or landings; straight stairlifts for stairways without turns; stairlifts that are pre-owned or rentals; even outdoor stairlifts for various locations.

But how much does an average stairlift cost? That depends on a variety of factors.

How much does a stairlift elevator cost?

You might be able to find a stairlift for as low as $2,000, or you may have to pay more than $10,000. There are a variety of factors that influence the cost of a stairlift elevator, including the following:

  • The staircase on which it will be installed: The type of staircase you have in your home may well be the biggest factor in determining how much you can expect to pay for installation. Straight staircases cost significantly less than staircases that are curved or have turns. Curved staircases or staircases with landings and turns require much more customization, while straight staircases are much easier to design and install.
  • The model of stairlift: There are a number of manufacturers that make their own versions of stairlifts. Some designs and manufacturers are more expensive than others, due to the different levels of quality and the types of options and customization they provide. Choosing a very basic model without many accessories will save you a significant amount of money. Premium models are designed to complement your home decor, give a higher weight capacity and have additional safety and usability features which can make them more user-friendly and attractive but also increase their price.
  • Purchasing versus renting: Renting is the cheapest option for a short-term installation, but if you know this is going to be a permanent fixture in your home, you’re better off purchasing the equipment. Renting is generally only desirable if you have someone in your home recovering from an injury or if you need to temporarily make your home accessible while someone comes to visit.
  • Installation processes: You should not attempt to install a stairlift yourself—only a trained professional can install a stairlift in a way that is safe to use. The installation may cost an extra couple grand on top of the actual lift, depending on the size of the lift, the location of nearby electrical outlets, the format of the stairs and the general amount of work involved.
  • Maintenance: You should consider the long-term costs of owning a stairlift as well. This equipment should undergo regular maintenance to ensure it remains in safe working condition. This could add a couple hundred dollars a year, depending on what the professionals in your area charge for service.

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