Benefits of a Vehicle Lift

If you or a family member are disabled or have other special needs, you understand how difficult and complicated it can be to get around. Luckily, with technological advances, moving around for people is getting easier with physical disabilities.

If you have a friend or family member who is disabled, you may have at times wondered, “How do I lift a disabled person into my car?” It’s not a simple task—unless you have a vehicle lift, that is. No longer will you have to ask, “How can I lift someone into my car?” Here are the benefits of using a vehicle lift.

Easier to get in and out of vehicles

For someone who’s disabled and uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter, getting into and out of cars, vans or trucks can be a cumbersome and difficult task. Even if the person can physically walk and only needs a mobility scooter, loading that into and out of the car by hand can be quite taxing. A vehicle lift makes it simple to embark and disembark vehicles without straining the hips or back of those trying to help.

More freedom

Getting out of the house and going out to participate in activities can do wonders for both mental and physical health. This is especially true for those who have disabilities. Having a vehicle lift allows them to get out and travel with their friends and family and make the process of doing so smooth and painless, allowing everyone involved to be free and have fun.

Greater comfort while traveling

If you have a vehicle lift, it will solve the problem of having to transfer someone who’s disabled from their wheelchair to a seat in the vehicle when setting off and putting them back into their wheelchair upon arrival at your destination. A vehicle lift eliminates this extra step because it allows the person in the wheelchair to remain in their wheelchair, where they’re more comfortable, for the duration of the trip.

Better safety while on the move

Someone who’s disabled might not be able to easily fit in the standard seats of a van, and the seatbelt might not protect them in the way it’s supposed to. Each vehicle lift comes equipped with a special locking system and tie-down features that are purposefully designed to secure the wheelchair or scooter inside the vehicle and ensure your disabled passengers are getting a safe ride.

Efficient size-lift capacity ratio

Not everyone who is disabled has the same needs or is the same size. With how far vehicle lift technology has come, lifts today are taking up less space while being able to lift more weight than ever before. This combination of factors means they are easier to install and fit in your vehicle, and they can be more effective and efficient than vehicle lifts of the past.

Call for your vehicle lift today

No longer will you have to speculate, “How do I lift a disabled person into my car?” With a vehicle lift, you can definitively answer the question, “How can I lift someone into my car?” To have a vehicle lift installed in your vehicle, call the team at Penn York Medical. We’re dedicated to helping you ensure your loved ones retain their mobility.