Bathroom Safety Equipment: What to Have in Your Home

According to the National Institute on Aging, 80 percent of all falls suffered by elderly Americans occur in the bathroom. While that percentage might seem high, it makes sense: most surfaces in bathrooms are naturally slick, and when they get wet, it can be easy to slip and fall.

Because bathrooms can be dangerous for those who live alone, it’s essential to install some bathroom safety equipment in Binghamton, NY. These are a few of the products each bathroom should have:

  • Grab bars: Because they provide a stable surface for support, installing grab bars in the shower or tub and by the toilet makes navigating in the bathroom much safer and easier. If grab bars aren’t an option for some reason, floor-to-ceiling support poles can be added.
  • Handheld showerheads: A handheld showerhead makes bathing a whole lot easier for those with limited mobility. Many of these showerheads even have massaging water features to provide a spa-like experience each time you’re bathing.
  • Floor mats: Slick shower or bathtub floors make falling far more likely, especially when there are soap suds on the floor. Non-skid, rubber-backed mats help reduce the risk of falls by providing a steady surface in the shower or tub. Just be sure to hang them up when they’re not in use to avoid tripping.
  • Shower safety treads: The shower mats may be enough to prevent slipping, but for even more peace of mind, add safety treads on the tub surface to increase traction. Place them close together to minimize any slick surfacing.
  • Bath seats: For comfort and safety while in the shower or tub, be sure to purchase a bath seat. These chairs allow bathers to sit back and relax while bathing without worrying about slipping. Look for a chair with suction cups on the legs to provide further stability in the wet environment.

Safety tips

Along with buying and installing all of the necessary bathroom safety equipment in Binghamton, NY, it’s good to know a few tips on staying safe. Follow these pointers each time you’re in the bathroom alone:

  • Have your necessities close by: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, loofahs and any other bathing accessories should be close by at all times to enjoy a worry-free and comfortable bathing experience.
  • Keep the floor clear: Always keep the bathroom floor nice and tidy if you or someone you live with has mobility issues. Everything should be either hung up or stored on a shelf—not on the floor—to reduce a tripping hazard.
  • Check water temperature: You’ll always want to check the bathwater temperature before you hop in the tub. Getting in a bath that’s too hot or too cold can be startling, which may lead to a fall. Additionally, water that’s too hot can cause serious scalding.

Penn York Medical has everything you need to stay safe

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