What to Consider Before Purchasing a Stairlift

Multi-level houses pose a considerable challenge for people living with mobility issues. Thankfully, installing a stairlift can dramatically improve the accessibility of a home. With all the different brands, styles and models available to choose from, here’s what you should keep in mind when you begin looking into stairway elevator installation in Binghamton, NY.

Determine possible insurance coverage

Before you start checking out your stairlift options, you should figure out how much of the costs could be potentially covered by your health insurance. Depending on your policy, coverage might be different based on the type of stairlift you choose. More coverage might be provided for a refurbished stairlift instead of a brand-new one or for a curved stairlift instead of a straight one. There might also be different coverage for rentals and purchases. Consult with your insurance agent before you make a decision for a more accurate idea of what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

Determine shape of existing stairs

Stairlifts for straight staircases are typically more straightforward and cost effective than their counterparts for curved staircases. For straight staircases, an installation company should be able to complete the entire process within a week, with the actual installation only requiring a few hours. Stairlifts for curved staircases generally require more time and money to install; however, it might be possible to modify your curved staircase in order to accommodate a straight stairlift, so make sure to explore all your options with your installation company if you’re hoping to cut down on costs.

Decide between renting and buying

If your insurance coverage hasn’t already determined whether you should buy or rent a stairlift, there are other factors that you can consider. Think about how long you anticipate that the stairlift will be used in this particular home. Do you rent or own the home? Will you be moving in the future, or is this your forever home? Compare your out-of-pocket rental costs with how much you would pay to purchase a brand-new stairlift. Whether you choose to buy or rent will ultimately depend on whichever option makes the most financial sense for your situation.

Choose a reputable stairlift installation company

Adding a stairlift can be a significant modification to your home, so it’s important to find a dependable installation company that you can trust. Look for companies that offer a full range of stairlift services that include installation, maintenance and repair. Knowledgeable staff should be able to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in order to empower you to make an informed decision.

If you’re in need of a stairway elevator installation in Binghamton, NY, the team at Penn York Medical has been serving the community for more than 60 years with installation and maintenance services for accessibility equipment. No matter the configuration of your home, we’ll work to design a safe and reliable solution that meets your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our products and services can improve your quality of life.