The Advantages of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are a common modification made to homes of people with disabilities. These ramps are used to allow people with physical handicaps to more easily move around their home safely, and are a very cost-effective solution for making this possible.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the benefits of wheelchair ramps in Binghamton, NY to give you an idea as to how they can be of assistance to people with physical handicaps:

  • Easy installation: Wheelchair ramps are a much easier installation option than other types of mobility features. You can purchase portable ramps that are easy to carry and set up, and also easy to take down and store away if not needed or as mobility needs change.
  • Greater accessibility: This is, of course, the primary benefit associated with wheelchair ramps—their use allows for much greater accessibility and mobility for elderly and disabled people. Wheelchair ramps make it easier for users to get up small flights of steps, over doorways, past raised landings, into showers and through sliding glass doors, all while minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Variety of materials: Wheelchair ramps don’t have to be ugly, out-of-place eyesores when installed in your home. Because they come in a wide range of materials, you can easily select an option that complements the interior design of your home so it doesn’t feel out of place. Wheelchair ramps come in aluminum, steel, rubber, natural or pressure-treated wood and other materials. For example, you could select a wooden model that will work in conjunction with outdoor decks or with existing hardwood steps in your home.
  • Durability: The materials used to create wheelchair ramps aren’t just meant to flow with your home’s design—they also are highly robust and durable. Even heavy scooters and wheelchairs can use these ramps to enter and exit the building without any fears of damaging the ramps.
  • Highly convenient: The convenience of wheelchair ramps isn’t just beneficial for the people sitting in the wheelchair—it’s also a great feature for caregivers and loved ones assisting with mobility. There are even circumstances in which the ramps might be used for tasks other than wheelchair moving, including transporting equipment, furniture and other items around the home, saving time and effort and making it easier to maneuver around.
  • Improved resale value: Certain types of high-quality ramps can make your home more appealing to particular buyers, especially buyers that have family members with mobility limitations. Because the home buyer wouldn’t have to install these upgrades themselves, they’d be willing to pay slightly higher prices for the home. Be sure to talk with a mobility specialist about the kinds of upgrades that would provide you with the best ROI for resale.

Interested in learning more about the various benefits of wheelchair ramps for your home? We encourage you to contact Penn York Medical, and we’ll be happy to provide you with information such as ideal placement of a wheelchair ramp and what you should know about the ADA requirements regarding ramps in Binghamton, NY.