March 26, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:08:14

"When I needed a #stairlift my husband suggested I call #PennYork, "they have been around a long time" he said. When I did the reception was great! I quickly received a return call from Dylan in sales. He was not pushy, gave all of the facts and patiently answered all of my questions. When we somewhat agreed on a device he came to my home. He was gracious, took his shoes off, brought brochures, took measurements and made the process very pleasant. Even my two small dogs liked Dylan and they don't like everyone. :D I decided to take the leap and buy a chair lift from his recommendation. Dylan scheduled an installation the next day. The service man and Dylan arrived on time and in about 90mins had the stair lift installed! I couldn't believe it! Dylan took the time to demonstrate the product, walk me through the features, emergency procedures, and remotes. I then took my first ride. What a relief not having to climb my basement stairs. After Dylan and I were satisfied with the results that is when he accepted payment. How refreshing is that? The device is so quiet and it is a smooth and safe secure ride. I should call it a self reflection ride because it is so smooth and quiet you can reflect on things and meditate, it is actually soothing! If you are considering a stir lift or other device I highly recommend Penn-York. There customer service is great! and the follow up. The #Bruno stair lift is wonderful and my swollen knees are actually calming down now that I do not have to walk the stair of doom. If you are thinking bout it call them. I know how important these reviews are now a days with all of us stuck at home. So consider this review word of mouth LOL!"
September 21, 2020

"Each year, the STIC recognizes those individuals, businesses and agencies who have made extraordinary contributions to STIC or to the disability community. In a time when budgets are tight and resources extremely limited, it becomes even more essential to have individual and community support for our day-to-day activities as well as our major advocacy efforts. Southern Tier Independence Center continues to be very fortunate in having outstanding involvement from volunteers, organizations and businesses in our community, and we are very grateful that you are one of those who has helped STIC to be active and accomplish its goals and mission."
September 21, 2020

"It is a pleasure to be able to inform you that the Stair-Glide I recently purchased from you, and which was installed in my home on October 27, has fully lived up to my expectations and hopes. Mrs. Tabor uses it several times each day and thru it is able to have freedom of both floors of our home. I have even used it myself occasionally when tired. We are both delighted with the equipment. Thank you for your help in solving our stair problem so well. Everyone who has seen the Stair-Glide is very much impressed. Both with its practicality and its appearance"
September 21, 2020

"I sincerely want to thank you people for all the effort put forth in correcting the Stair-Glide installed in my home. It was all done very timely and done with the greatest courtesy. I sincerely want to thank you people for all the effort put forth in correcting the Stair-Glide installed in my home. It was all done very timely and done with the greatest courtesy. You are lucky in being represented in the territory by such an able person as Mr. Maxey of the Penn-York Medical Supply. He pointed our several things that I did not see, being a novice at such things, that could have given future trouble. Please understand that the great amount of the extra time he has spent to make us comfortable has been greatly appreciated. If an future service is needed I am sure both you and Mr. Maxey will take care of it cheerfully; and I shall be most happy to recommend your product to anyone referred to me."
October 3, 2019

2020-12-11 | 21:41:58

"We bought 3 stair-lifts from Penn York in March. The lifts work well and the service is excellent."