Power Tiger

The Power Tiger pediatric wheelchair has everything that kids and parents are looking for. The bright colors and modern styling make the chair appealing to any youngster. The Tiger is available with the most versatile and responsive electronic controls for pinpoint performance that can't be beat.
The tilt or non-tilt seats easily adapt to most seating and positioning systems, providing the flexibility for a proper fit. The Tiger base accepts the Invacare Orbit seat. This allows one seating system to mount easily on both a power and a manual chair. The Tiger base can be added to a existing Orbit when powered mobility is desired.

Product Features/Highlights
  • Beautiful, fun styling with many vibrant color choices.
  • Full performance adjustments to accurately tailor driving characteristics for individual skills.
  • One seat which can be interfaced between a Power Tiger and manual Orbit.
  • Removable, adjustable-height arms, desk- or full-length.
  • Seat-to-floor height: From Seat rail of the Orbit seat to floor 19.5" at 0 degree of tilt angle


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