TDX Spree

The TDX Spree is a distinictive and fun power wheelchair designed for smaller clients.

The TDX Spree features a 24" wide and 34" long base. The TDX Spree features 10" drive tires, U1 Batteries, and 2-pole motors. Top speed is 4.8 mph.

The TDX Spree is truly distinctive in that it features a 5" elevating seat standard and a low starting seat-to-floor height of 14.5". The chair is offered standard with transport tie down option. The detachable backpack is standard with the TDX Spree

Product Features/Highlights
  • Adjustable rehab seat featuring 1" adjustments within a width range of 12"-16" and depth range of 12"-18"
  • 165 pound maiximum weight capacity
  • Powered height adjustment of 5" Manual tilt option available
  • Starting seat-to-floor height of 14.5"
  • MK6i Single Drive Joystick standard


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